After weeks of speculation and clues from Pleasurewood Hills on their official Facebook page, Unofficial Pleasurewood can reveal that the new addition to the park this season will be something of an old favourite. The Waveswinger was a popular feature at the park during the 80’s and 90’s and will make a return to Pleasurewood Hills this year.

As yet, there is no official opening date for the new ride. However, we can reveal that the Waveswinger will replace the Tales of the Coast boat ride which was recently demolished. The park have also removed the similar, and smaller, spinning chairs ride which has been at the park for the past few seasons.

The Waveswinger is back for 2016! Wipeout Stalls

This evenings BBC Look East included a brief report on technical issues with the Wipeout roller coaster at Pleasurewood Hills. It is understood that guests were held part-way up the first lift hill for around 30 minutes before being safely released without injury. Watch the full report by clicking the button:

Pleasurewood Hills have organised some extra fun this Easter in the form of Woody Bear’s Spot the Bunny competition!

Get involved any day during the Easter holidays for your chance to win a family ticket to the park for 4 people. More info on the official site.

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