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On June 2nd 1983, “Pleasurewood Hills American Theme Park” opened to the public. Complete with a mascot named Woody Bear, the park offered visitors unlimited use of the attractions for £2.50 per person. Visitor numbers were initially disappointing, but local residents eventually began to embrace the park and visitor numbers soared. A visit during the first season from the Bembom family proved to be hugely beneficial to the park’s future development. The Bemboms, a family of established showmen, offered Mr Larter a number of “steel rides” at modest rents which included a Carousel and Pirate Ship. In his book, Mr Larter mentions that without the generosity of the Bembom family, it would not have been possible to install the number and quality of rides at the park in such a short space of time. Subsequent seasons saw further Bembom attractions added to the park including the Chairlift and the Tempest.

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