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In 2000, “New Pleasurewood Hills” was born when long time employees at the park, Peter and Peggy Hadden took ownership. Peter was one of the management team who acquired the park during the 1990-96 period and continued to manage the park for Queensborough during their reign. Around the time when the park changed hands, Peter issued a statement which said: "Right now, we can't compete with the larger parks when it comes to rides and attractions, but we surely can be equal to them in guest relations and the quality of a visit"

The biggest addition to the park during this period was the hugely popular spinning mouse rollercoaster ride which was added at the end of the 2000 season. A number of other attractions were also added in an attempt to attract thrill seekers. These included the Fireball swinging pendulum ride, Megaspin Rollover and Mega Drop.

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