The 2017 season at Pleasurewood Hills ended with a bang! The traditional end-of-season fireworks display wrapped things up for the year.

Guests were also treated to a Christmas preview, to promote the big Christmas Show which makes its debut at the park this December. Santa Claus landed at the front entrance in his sleigh, elves danced and pranced around and Woody Bear showed off some of his best moves to some classic seasonal tunes.

Find out more about Christmas at Pleasurewood Hills by clicking here. You can even book your tickets in advance!

Pleasurewood Hills 2017: Done! Indoor Play Area

Pleasurewood Hills recently announced their intention to install a brand new all-year-round indoor play area at the park. This new attraction is expected to take over the former “Merry Mariner” restaurant building, which is now closed to the public.

Check back to Unoffical Pleasurewood soon for further details.

Pleasurewood Hills scare ride, Hobs Pit, has now closed to the public.

The unique attraction - a combination of walk through sections and a mine cart ride - opened back in 2013 to a flood of publicity locally and even appeared in the international press with the LA Times running a story about the attraction.

29/10/17 22/07/17 29/06/17 Hobs Pit has closed Pleasurewood Poll
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